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Company Secretary

According to Hong Kong Companies Ordinance (Cap. 622-154), Hong Kong limited company must appoint a company secretary.

(The company secretary must be an individual currently living in Hong Kong or a company with a registered address in Hong Kong) to fulfill the company's statutory responsibilities.

1)Main duties of Company Secretary :


- Prepare and keep the company's statutory records (keeping of Significant Controllers Register, Shareholders  Register and Directors Register of the 

Company, etc.)

- Submit company's Annual Return document

- Handle appointment/ cessation of directors, shareholders and company secretary of the company

- Process share transfer or new share issue

- Change company profile, including address, business nature or company name

- Handle other related documents

The company secretary is the legal representative of a limited company. She can sign some documents, liaise with lawyers or auditors on behalf of the company.

In conclusion, the duty of the company secretary is to ensure a company can operate under Hong Kong laws and regulations properly; if the company's laws and regulations change, the company secretary should advise the company to avoid violating relevant laws and regulations.

Today, the business environment in Hong Kong is becoming complicated, and the government has introduced many regulations to supervise the operation of Hong Kong companies. A limited company should appoint a company secretary who is experienced, capable, and understands the latest company law.

Company secretarial service charge (excluding government fees) $1,500 per year

New Client Special Offer $1,200 per year

- Act as the Statutory Company Secretary
- Prepare and submit company's Annual Return (including the keeping of Significant Controllers Register, 

  Shareholders  Register, Directors Register and Company Secretary Register of the company)
- Change company's registered address, business nature, appointment/ cessation of directors and company

  secretary, change of directors' and shareholders' profile (unlimited changes)
Free for 5 times : Process company share transfer, new share issue, change of company name, branch opening

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